3 Less Conventional Ways to Improve Your Garden

Gardening is a long-term commitment which brings us a lot of joy when done correctly. We all have our own vision of how our garden should look like. We want specific plants, we want to create a landscape, or grow our own food. The thing is, we always want to improve it and make it look more fascinating.

There is a lot to consider when gardening and there is a lot of commitment behind it. While the overall feeling of having your own little colorful paradise is joy, there is constantly something that spoils the happiness. It may be a growing disease or addition that you wish looked better. Therefore, here are three simple but unusual ways to improve certain aspects of your garden.

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Add Plant Markers That Look More Natural

If you are a beginner and you do not keep your plants marked it is easy to forget their name and placement as they grow. You have probably heard from advanced gardeners that it might be useful to add plant markers next to each different species.

These tags, honestly, do not always look that good. An unusual but interesting trick to mark your plants is by using wooden spoons. If not spoons, then something wooden that will blend more naturally to the overall picture. Why should you use plastic signs when you can add something natural? I guarantee you will love the way it looks.

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Square Foot Gardening

Square foot gardening is something very unusual for a regular home. Many people grow their own food but do they use this method? No, because it does not always look that good. However, if you use this method, you will ensure that your vegetables and herbs have enough space to thrive well, and you will, in fact, look like you really know what you are doing.

All you need is a frame that then needs to be divided into squares of 1-foot by 1-foot. Then, you need to see how much space each plant needs. This is usually given on the seed packages. In some cases, you will be able to put just a single plant in a square and sometimes, you will be able to place several.

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Re-Use Your Broken Belongings

Instead of continuously buying new pots for specific plants that you do not plant in the ground, use your own personal belongings that are broken or have no purpose anymore.

If you want a perfectly balanced garden, of course, you can stick to the regular pots. However, if you want to give your imagination a go, you can create something unique that contributes to the character of your garden.

For example, you can use old cups or bowls and plant something small inside. You can even use your old boots that look terribly old and ripped. Plant something beautiful inside and you will have something unique that looks like it was found in an old house in the woods overtaken by nature.

This is a unique case, but assuming you have had birds before or currently, and you have an old birdcage that is collecting dust. What you can do is hang it outside and use it as a planter. You are guaranteed to have a unique sight once the plants grow.