3 Things Nobody Told You About Having a Cat

cat, flower, kitten
Dimhou (CC0), Pixabay

Getting a pet is one of the most amazing and fulfilling feelings. With cats and dogs being the most common among pets, there is also a well-known division between people. We all know about it – cat lovers and dog lovers.

Cat lovers have a lot to say against dogs and dog lovers always have a lot to say about cats. Of course, you can be a fan of both animals but cats are the ones that usually get the serious negativity. This is because they are independent and harder to control. Unlike dogs, they do not wish to be disturbed and will give you love only when they feel like it. This, however, does not make them less loveable.

As a previous owner of 7 cats, I can definitely say that cats are simply amazing. Moreover, they crave your love and attention, they simply show it when they want to show it. When you spend enough time with your cat, you will realize that they are incredibly attached despite being secretive about it and will gladly return all the love you give them to you.

There are, however, certain things you should know about owning a cat. Although they require less attention when it gets to getting walks and grooming, you will need to adjust your life to your cats’ character. There are a lot of lifestyle changes that you will have to get used to in order not to receive certain frustrations.

Here is a small list of the three things you possibly do not know about cats.

Plants will never be safe

Once you get a cat you should be prepared to clean a lot of messes when it comes to your plants. It is in their nature to dig as outside they would poop and pee on the ground and bury it. Although your cat will have a cat litter and it is your job to teach it to use it, you may experience this occurrence.

In addition, cats eat leafs to clean up their bodies from hairs they swallow. As you know, they are the cleanest animals and every time they wash themselves, they swallow a lot of fur. Unfortunately, they clean their system through vomiting but you will have to get used to it. It happens rarely but it is inevitable.

Paperwork & Reading will be different as well

There is something about cats that makes them seek attention when we are busy. I am sure you have seen pictures and videos online of cats that destroy paperwork or simply come and lie on it. Leave for a minute and you may find your cat all over your books and papers.

The funny thing about it is that there is no way to make them stop. If they want your attention, they will get it. If you put them down, they will go back up.

Cats are incredible at hiding

I cannot express how many times I’ve been looking for one of my cats or all of them at once for hours. You literally check out every possible spot and they are not there. Once you start thinking they have run out somewhere, they appear like nothing has happened.

If a cat wants to be left alone, it will simply find a hiding spot and stay there for as long as it pleases it. What you need to do is not over think it and jump to conclusions. In 99.9% of the cases, your cat will be at home and possibly at the most obvious place that you would never think of. With time, you will learn where it likes to hide and you will be far less concerned.