4 Signs You Are Ready To Own a Dog

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5688709 (CC0), Pixabay

You are constantly having thoughts about getting a puppy? Well, I think we all do at some point in our lives. The real question is whether you are ready to dedicate to the responsibilities or not. Yes, your dog will always be next to you and it will never stop loving you. Your job, however, is to keep it happy and healthy in return.

Will you have enough time to play and train it? Can you fit all the pet supplies in your monthly budget? Have you done your research on dogs? There is a lot more to know than feed, bathe, and feed.

With this said, here are 4 signs that you really are ready to own a dog.

1. You know you have enough time

Dogs require a lot of training especially when they are still puppies. It will need time to adjust even if it is an old rescue dog. You will have to teach it not to go pee and poop everywhere around the house, how to interact with children and other dogs, what is a dog toy and what is not, etc. Then, of course, comes the inevitable dog training as I think every owner wants to teach their dog a few commands.

2. You are sure you can commit to a pet for more than a decade

Are you sure that you can commit to the same daily responsibilities for 10 or 15 years? If you make everything to keep your dog healthy it will live a long life. You can’t simply make it disappear when you move houses. If your work revolves around constant traveling it will not be suitable to have a dog either. It is a long-term obligation that you have to be ready for.

3. You are financially ready

From dog food to toys, to supplies, to regular and emergency veterinary care expenses, dogs are not cheap. If you are sure that a couple of hundred dollars a month (at minimum) can fit your budget then you are definitely ready to have a dog. It would be smart to save up some money in advance and additionally save up money for emergencies when you already have your dog.

It really depends on the owner as some people go really far in spoiling their pets. However, even if you spend money only on the basic stuff your dog needs to be healthy and happy you still have to consider around $2000-3000 a year. Moreover, the first year is always the most expensive one.

4. You have already considered which breeds will fit your lifestyle

Most of us people have favorite breeds of dogs. The chances are that you have decided on the breed long before you even seriously consider owning one. Now comes the tricky part. Will this breed fit in your current lifestyle? Will you make the necessary changes to give your dog what it needs?

If you are an active person who can spend hours outside with an energetic dog, then get a breed that fits this picture. If you are more of a stay-at-home type of person and want a dog that does not need to run a few kilometers a day to be healthy, there are dozens of options as well.

With older rescue dogs, you can get all the information you need about the personality of the dog itself. This makes them the perfect option for people that do not want to gamble and have a specific dog personality in mind. With puppies, you will know the breed and how it would normally grow to be but you can never be sure about its actual personality.