5 Things House Guests Love

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pascalhelmer (CC0), Pixabay

No matter how perfectly clean or settled our home is, we always worry about the opinion of our guests. Will they like our home? Will they have everything they need? Is it clean enough? Everyone wants to be an amazing host and suddenly we begin questioning everything in our home.

The reality is that your guests come to your home for you. However, there are certain things that would make your visitors feel more comfortable and welcomed, and play a key role in the overall mood of the visit. What do guests love to see? What do you need to do to make them feel at home? Here is our small list of ideas:

A Tidy Home  

Possibly the first thing your guests will notice is how tidy your home is. Is it clean, do you have too much unnecessary stuff lying around, etc? I believe we all clean every time before we have someone coming. Cleanliness plays a major role in the way your guests will feel throughout the day and night at your home. Not only that but you will leave a bad impression of yourself if you decided to save the effort.

Still, you do not need to clean your home if it is generally clean. Normally, we have a day of the week for doing our house chores. Unless you do it once every few weeks your home will be tidy enough to greet guests.


Of course, the smell of your home is not something your guests will see but they will feel it even before they see how clean it is. Moreover, the smell is really important for mood and comfort. Make sure you freshen the air either by keeping the windows open for some time or using scented candles or an air freshener beforehand.

Cozy Inviting Areas

Assuming your guest will stay overnight, it is really important to have a cozy spot in your home where they can read or work if necessary. Also, such home areas can be a great day-starter for people who take some time in the morning for coffee or breakfast, especially if you have kids at home.

Welcoming Drinks & Food

What better way to greet your guests than their favorite drink and some homemade snacks. No one will refuse such welcoming and it will definitely be a positive start of the stay. You will definitely look like a great host and leave a great impression of yourself.


Plants & Fresh Flowers

Having a lot of greenery in your home is often a great conversation starter. Moreover, it lightens up the living space and gives it a lot of character. Last but not least, it is a sign of commitment and love of nature which are great personality traits.

Even if you do not have too many plants, the simplest action of buying some fresh flowers will not be left unnoticed and will make your guests feel special and welcomed. Flowers are beautiful even to the most uninterested person and can set the mood to a higher level.