How to Keep Your Pet Happy

dog, cat, pets
StockSnap (CC0), Pixabay

Why would anyone get a pet if they do not want it to be happy, right? We all love our pets, and some of us go much further in our care. Without a doubt, you know someone who treats their pet as their child. Maybe you are one of those people and I believe this is one of the correct ways to treat your pet. After all, it is a part of the family.

With this said, how do you keep your pet happy? It is pretty simple actually. People often think that your pets need to go outside to feel happy. I am referring to cats and dogs, of course. However, that is not particularly necessary if you give them enough toys and attention. This is where we will start – toys.

Give them plenty of toys

There are so many toys available for purchase and some of them look so good that I wish I could play with them as well. Your dog or cat needs at least a few different toys to play with as this will be their primary entertainment when you are not around. After all, you cannot be with them throughout the entire day.

Moreover, you shouldn’t stop your pets from destroying their toys. It is a way for them not to forget their animal instincts. If they destroy it too quickly, however, it may be a sign that they do not really like that particular type of toy.

Spend Time with Them

In connection with their toys, you should really spend time with your pets. Not counting the sitting with your pets while they are sleeping. What I mean is actively playing with them and entertaining them.

It is the nature of cats and dogs to scratch and bite things. Therefore, you should consider buying one or a few of those pet-only furniture pieces. Then, you will have to teach them to bite and scratch nothing else but their own belongings. Dogs are easy but with cats, it may take some time and a few torn spots around the house.

Feed them quality food

Understandably, not everyone can afford to buy the most expensive food as cats and dogs eat quite a lot. However, you should try to give them the best food that fits your budget. It will keep them healthy and energetic. What does health lead to? It will keep your pet happy.

Stimulate their brains

Mental stimulation is essential for both pet species. It is more common for dogs to learn trick but cats can do that too! It may take a while longer and it mainly depends on their temper of the cat but it is possible. Include some treats and this will become your pets’ favorite activity.

Get a second pet

What would be better for your pet than a furry friend that will always be around them when you are not at home? The case is the same with both dogs and cats. A second pet in the house will take all the boredom away. This way you can at least be sure that your pet does not feel too bad when you are not around. Plus, if you love having one pet you will love it even more when you have two.