How to Prevent Boring Décor in 15 Minutes

interior, table, chairs
StockSnap (CC0), Pixabay


We should express ourselves through our home décor as much as possible. After all, it is the place where we will live for who knows how many years, maybe our entire lives. Quite often in newer neighborhoods and flat complexes, each home is identically built. It is up to us to make a difference in terms of home décor.

Good home decorations have a huge impact on our mood and energy. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to make everything to match your vibes in order not to feel like you are not at home when you are at home.

If you trust a professional interior designer you will hardly end up with a boring home. However, assuming you have taken the decision to choose everything by yourself, we have prepared several simple tips that will help you avoid it as well.

Color & Texture

Unless you want your home to be pretty basic, you will include some pieces that add texture to the overall picture. For example, wood is a great option here and there. There are so many options to incorporate wood into your home without the need of buying wooden furniture.

As for color, most commonly homes have beige colors such as light grey and white. These colors are identical and really give you practically nothing like a positive feeling. This does not make them bad, however. These colors give you so many opportunities to add some color and free your imagination and creativity. These colors go well with every type of furniture and every color as well.

So, do not think only about your walls when it comes to color. You can get colorful furniture, paint the doors, etc. Think outside the box.


As usual, plants can improve everything. When it comes to home décor, nothing enhances the energy and beauty of a room like a few plants or decorative trees. In addition, you are guaranteed to have cleaner air.

With this said, do not think twice. Plants are cheap and available in every color. You can get something that matches the theme and style of your home or something that creates a contrast. Overall, try to have at least one plant in every room.

Create a Focal Point

Every room has a purpose, therefore, every room should have a focal point. If it is a TV room, the focal point will most certainly be the TV. For a gaming room, it could be the most expensive piece like a billiards table.

In the bedroom, for example, the focal point should be the bed. Therefore, you should focus on improving this specific spot. For example, you can hang some art above the bed or add extra color to the wall or ceiling.

For a dining or living room, the case is a little bit different as there is a lot of furniture and a lot of objects that can take one’s attention. In each case, your living room should not be overfilled with belongings. Instead, you should try to focus on a specific spot. For example, if you have a fireplace or a beautiful large painting, you should build around them.