Why Your Dog Needs a Pet

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Antranias (CC0), Pixabay

The most common theory that you can hear from dog owners is that dogs are pack animals. Yes, it is true that dogs derived from wolves which are pack animals. The difference is that things have changed. Nowadays, we as people have taken the place of the pack leader and our dogs depend on us to get food, water, and shelter.

Although today’s pet dogs may not live the same life as their ancestors, they still need to interact with other dogs or even other species like cats. We all love our pets but can you imagine spending your entire time with your dog without seeing another human being again? It sounds impossible, right?

Therefore, it is really important for your dogs to meet other dogs in the park or outside and play. Even if you are unable to give a home to a second dog, it would be wise to find a friend with a pet dog and establish a bond between your two furry companions.

With this said, your dog will always need its canine companions. You will have a strong bond with your pet but nothing can match the interaction with another dog. They think the same way, they move the same way. In fact, a recent study found out that the bond between humans and dogs is not exactly what you call regular friendship. In fact, dogs think of us to be more like their parents.

Other studies, however, found out that the ‘pack’ theory can be true only for particular dogs. After all, each dog will have its own personality. Some showed that they feel better around other dogs, others showed that they do not really need that interaction with a second dog at home. Therefore, in some cases, the bond with the human owner is absolutely enough for your dog and a canine friend is not necessary.

Honestly, you should examine your dogs’ reactions and behavior before you jump into conclusions. Also, you should think about your daily schedule. Do you spend enough time at home? Do you spend enough time playing with your dog?

Ideally, you should really test your dogs’ behavior in different situations. Does it show signs of interest to other dogs when you are outside? Does it constantly want to play with its canine friends in the park? If you see your dog showing significant signs of interest towards other members of its species then you may consider bringing home a canine friend.

Next, you should really examine its behavior at home. Does it constantly want to play or does it look like it is bored all the time? These are also great signs that your dog may want a companion.

Finally, you should think about the amount of time you spend with your pet. If your work revolves around traveling a lot, then you should really consider bringing a second one at home. After all, dogs crave our attention and if you are always away, then your furry friend will stay alone at home.

Overall, in case your dog has an extrovert personality and loves to play with every dog outside and inside, then it will be beneficial for it to have a canine buddy. If your dog has a history of aggression and rarely interacts with other dogs in a calm manner, then you should reconsider these thoughts.